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The recycled way of aluminum composite panel

The recycled way of aluminum composite panel


The performance of aluminum composite panel Eco-friendly shows on two side: does not release toxic substances during the production process and can be recycled as a renewable resource.

As a professional manufacturer, Sifon Industrial share how to recycle aluminum composite panel.

Through technology, we separate aluminum from plastic, and the plastic can be recycled and processed into black particles. At present, many manufacturers will use black PE particles to make the aluminum plastic sheet.

Due to the chemical properties is not change, the waste plastics processing particles still have good performance, can be applied to the plastic products, such as plastic bags, buckets, basins, toys, furniture, stationery and other household utensils as well as all kinds of plastic products. It is used in a wide range of applications areas: clothing industry, building materials, agriculture, machinery industry, chemical industry and electrical and telecommunications industries.

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