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1.Can I have my own pattern or a special color ? Can I just place a small trial order to evaluate my market?

AULAND can provide exclusive pattern to small order as per the following procedures:

① The customer will supply a high quality pictures of your pattern or color;

② Our designer will make the necessary drawings

③  The drawings will be reviewed and finally confirmed by customer

④ If possible, we will provide the final print/trial product for customer’s final approval



2. what are the market leading color/patterns ?

AULAND through close partnership with Polyma film factory, is always the frontier in the release of new and innovative aluminium composite panel acp patterns. We believe that our customers will be beneficial to the availability of these updated design interior and exterior patterns.



3. How to check quality ?

AULAND quality assurances are provided by


Compliance Tests reports from international third party Lab on ISO9001:2008, ISO14001 as well as technical compliances to international standards.

(2)Strict QC processing, professional testing equipment;

    ①  Instant and 24 hours nonstop online check, including surface defects, color matching, pattern consistency, protection film quality, marking accuracy, flatness etc

    ②  Sampling measurements on our production lots;

          Key product parameters measurements; data recording; online compliance check against all key committed ASTM standards

    ③  Final Bulk check before shipment

          Final Visual inspection to make sure on quality clearance, packaging compliance, shipping mark consistency etc

3)  Production Specimen Samples Management

Customized production samples of varied sizes are kept for future reference and revisit when necessary. The samples will be kept for 5 - 10 years as per product usage. Our customer can easily redo the compliance checking against our recorded parameters using these filed samples at our factory facility.


4. Is there any support on cladding project design ?

Project planning, AULAND can offer planning and design support to customers as follows:

① Based on customer supplied information on site dimensions, including floor plan; building height; design concept, we can give recommendation on the panel specifications and popular patterns or colors.

② Our engineering support team will help to estimate optimized panel sizes and quantities;

③ Our designer will help to review the drawings and give some feedbacks on the design.


5. Is there any guidelines on panels installation ?

AULAND after-sales service

① Supplies of accessories

We are more than happy to assist our customers on sourcing and ultimate purchase of all accessories.

② Order monitoring and shipment arrangement

Order execution are monitored by our order administration team who are always ready to response to any inquiry from customers on shipment details of each shipment.

③ Installation support.             

Our customers are free to contact us for installation guidance on any issues during installation.



6. How can I get the supply of necessary accessories required in the installation ?
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