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Hongkong Enterprise with 15 Years’ Exporting Experience


Our Mission

Material Revolution Overturns Future.
We hold patents on our newly developed product technology. Our development effort covers productivity, decorative options, pollution clearance, green product enhancement and functional coverage.

Customer Testimonials

We believe that every encounter is not only about AULAND sales, also our friendship.
Our core value is “Exceeding Customer Expectations”. It reminds us to treat every customer wholeheartedly and provides them our product and service which exceed their expectation.

Our Product

Our product has been widely used for curtain wall, showroom, interior decoration, cabinet etc. They are well received by our customers all over the world due to the excellence in workmanship, quality performance as well as designs. The advantage have:
.Anti-insect, water resistant, moisture-free, pollution resistant, easy to clean by wet cloth
.Abundant patterns such as brush, metallic, coloring, sparkle, marble, wood, chameleon, etc, easy to model, texture options also available.
.Easy to fabricate, bend, carve, suitable for all kinds of contemporary design
.Easy to install, short construction time, less garbage, less harm, methanal-free, quick to move-in
.Sound insulation, heat insulation
.Can be used in ceilings, wall covering, cabinet. Suitable for household customized interior decoration.

Our Advantages

1.  15 years foreign own enterprise; independent IP and production facility
2.  Quality Assurance, international certification, zero fault during national quality inspection
3.  Professional Testing & Development Lab, 24 hours sampling check for each production
4.  Dedicated Sales Team for Pre-sales, Sales & Post-Sales service
5.  In-house designer team to provide project design support to customers
6.  5-10 years retention samples for customer future referral
7.  Design drawing detailing support, Installation work consultation

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