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Aluminum composite panel manufacturer | Surface treatment of acp panel

Aluminum composite panel manufacturer | Surface treatment of acp panel


       In our daily life, aluminum composite panel is widely used for exterior wall cladding, signage, interior wall cover, which is a new decorative building material. Aluminum composite panel manufacturer will according to its application and deign style make the basic classification, let's take a look at Auland aluminum composite panel, it is divided into four types:

     ◪  Coating finish

       Various decorative coatings are applied to the surface of the aluminium plastic sheet. PVDF/ PE, solid color, metallic, sparkle, is the normal series in the market.

     ◪  Mirror / anodized

       For the two aluminum skins, which are processed by chemical anodizing treatment, they give the smooth and reflective finish of a mirror. Mirror acp panel is very popular and widely used in boutiques and showrooms, it gives a spacious look to the interiors.

     ◪  Hairline / Brushed

       Gives an exquisite look to the exteriors. It gives a different visual enjoyment look to buildings. The mainly series is gold and silver.

     ◪  Film laminated

       With Polyma environmental protection PET color film and polymer adhesive, thermal composite laminated on the aluminum plastic plate. Abundant patterns and wide usage coverage, the main series have solid color, marble, wood grain, laser, aluminum coated, pearly sparkle, brush, mirror, flowers grass, PVC veneer, abstract, crown etc.

       Different series of Auland aluminum composite panel will give people a different feeling on the vision, it plays an important role in design for the exterior and interior outlook.

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