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The factors that affect the price of aluminum composite panel

The factors that affect the price of aluminum composite panel


       In the industry of aluminium composite panel, its quotation is not carried out casually, it has special formula of calculation. Maybe each manufacturer is slightly different, but the overall difference is not that great. There are many factors influencing the price, such as raw materials, labor, depreciation of machines and management costs, etc., but the biggest factor influencing the price fluctuation is raw materials.

     ◪  Generally speaking, the raw material of acp panel is mainly aluminium alloy and polyethylene plastic.The price of aluminum alloy with different thickness and difference type will affect the panel price.

     ◪  Secondly, difference surface treatment. Coating, fluorocarbon, roll coating...the better the performance of surface materials, the higher price of panel.

     ◪  Thirdly, intermediate composite adhesive, high polymer adhesive.

       The above market fluctuation of different materials will lead to frequent changes of aluminium composite panel price.

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